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Colour Schemes and Arranging Colour

Colour SchemesI don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I find it really hard to match colours. Or, once I’ve chosen colours, I find it hard to then arrange them in a nice way. I find it particularly hard to arrange things so they look random. For example, I was trying to lay out my granny squares for my big crochet blanket but was having trouble. I solve this by using a random number generator, giving each pile of the same colours a number, and then putting them in that order. A couple looked out of place, so I swapped them round, but overall it made the job much easier.

Here is a roundup of tools that I’ve found that make creating colour schemes or arranging colours a much simpler task. I use them for all sorts of crafting this as well as web design, so they’re useful for many different purposes. Hopefully you’ll find them useful too.

Colour Schemes

  • Color Scheme Designer – Allows you a lot of control over colour schemes, and as well as main colours gives you matching shades
  • Design Seeds – Uses inspirational pictures, and takes the main colours from them

Arranging Colour

  • Granny Square Color Pattern Generator – Put in the width, height and number of colours in each square. Pick the colours, and it will generate a complete layout for you
  • Random Stripe Generator – Select your colours, widths allowed and number of stripes and it will generate a completely random layout for you
  • Stripe Generator – A more advanced stripe generator which gives you more choice than the previous option

If you have any other useful tools please comment and I’ll add them to the list.

Grandma’s Knitted Bed Socks

Knitted Bed SocksMy family knows I knit a lot. My grandma requested some bed socks, and couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I made my own. I’ve added the pattern to Crafterways, in case you want to knit any! It’s also apparently wool week, so it seemed to fit in quite well, especially as I made the socks with 100% British Wool.


  • Approx. 100g / 190yards / 174m of aran yarn (these are for ~size UK Women’s 5). I used Erika Knight Vintage Wool which is 100% British wool, soft, squishy and warm. Any aran should work though. I used two colours but you can use one.
  • 5.0mm / US 8 needles. I used magic loop for these so that’s what the instructions reference, but pick your favourite method
  • Needle to sew in ends

Method:Knitted Bed Socks

Guage: 26 rows and 20 stitches ~ 4 inches

Using Judy’s Magic Cast-On, cast on 12 stitches (6 on each needle)
Knit 1 row
Next row: *Kfb, k4, Kfb*. Repeat from * for second needle
Next row: K
Repeat until 16 stitches on each needle / 32 stitches over all

Knit 5 rounds or until desired toe length.

Next row: Swap to colour B. *K1, k2tog, yo, k1, ssk, k1*.  Repeat from * across needle 1. K across needle 2
Next row: K.
Next row: *K2tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk*. Repeat from * across needle 1. K across needle 2.
Next row: K.

Repeat last 4 rows until approx. 2inches/5cm less than desired foot length.

Work in pattern across needle 1.

Change to colour A and work short row heel (guide here) on needle 2 as follows:
Row 1: K to last stitch, w&t.
Row 2: P to last stitch, w&t.
Row 3: K to last wrapped stitch, w&t.
Row 4: P to last wrapped stitch, w&t.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until 4 unwrapped stitches remain.

Row 1: K to first wrapped stitch. Pick up wrap and knit. w&t next stitch.
Row 2: P to first wrapped stitch. Pick up wrap and purl. w&t next stitch.
Row 3: K to first double wrapped stitch. Pick up wraps and knit. w&t next stitch.
Row 4: K to first double wrapped stitch. Pick up wraps and purl. w&t next stitch.
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until all wrapped stitches worked.

Knit across heel.

In colour A resume pattern this time across both needles.

When 2 inches / 5cm from desired cuff length, change to colour B.
Work in 2×2 rib for 12 rounds.

Bind off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.

Sew in ends and you’re done! One pair of knitted bed socks that take a surprisingly short amount of time to make.