Conversations Between Workers – 5KCBWDAY4

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Day Four (Thursday 15th May): Conversations Between Workers – 5KCBWDAY4

Start by writing a few short paragraphs from the point of view of one of the tools you use for your craft. Then, write a dialogue between yourself and this item.

My 2.5mm DPNs

2.5mm DPNs

We’re the second set of 2.5mm double pointed needles that my owner has. The first came as a kit for her first pair of socks. She favours us though as we are pointier and are very nice and shiny. We’re a set of five KnitPro Novas (and she hasn’t lost any of us yet, unlike the poor 2.25mm that got lost down the back of her parents’ sofa). We’re mainly used in the creation of socks. We’ve seen many socks in many styles, and I think we’re her favourite size to use. We’re not bitter when she picks a different size though.

So, why are we your favourite needle size?
Because you create the perfect balance between socks that knit up at a bearable speed and a nice tough fabric that won’t wear out quickly.

Why are you so good at losing one of us, (luckily not permanently…yet).
It’s not my fault. When I put one of you down for only a moment you seem to get bored really quickly and wander off and hide somewhere. I put you somewhere safe, then the next minute when I need you again you aren’t there any more. Luckily I usually catch you before you get too far.

We don’t tend to wander far, but I guess we do get bored easily. Anyway, it’s not just one of us, sometimes you lose us all!
I’ll admit that probably is my fault. I like putting you in safe places, and sometimes when I’m travelling that means inside a ball of yarn. It’s not my fault if you then hide your points and can’t be seen any more! Surely, as this is my blog, I should be asking the questions?

What did you want to ask?
Well. What’s your favourite socks I’ve knitted with you?

Probably the Gimli Socks for Nick. You used gorgeous yarn (it was from Solstice Yarns) and the pattern was really interesting.
I enjoyed knitting them too. I have something to admit though. I just looked through my projects and I seem to use the 2.25mm set more than you. Do you mind?

Not too much. You’ve lost one of them but you haven’t lost one of us, and you tend to use us quite a lot anyway!
I’m glad you don’t take it personally. I think I’ll take my blog back now if you don’t mind…

Go ahead. Just remember we’re waiting for you to start something new!

So, that was a bit of an odd post but I wasn’t totally sure what to do with the brief. If you want to see more from this challenge, Google¬†5KCBWDAY4.

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