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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

This week is the annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and I’ve decided to join in. If you want to see more posts along the same theme, Google 5KCBWDAY1.

Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day In The Life. (5KCBWDAY1)
Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

My offering for today is a little odd, but when I saw my Serpentine scarf sat on the corner of my desk, this is what happened.

A day in the life of the Serpentine scarf

For the past two weeks I’ve been sat on her desk, ignored, while she works on other things. Most recently that’s been her new shawl for her concert band ball, and her newest round of sock madness socks. Those are finished now, and I feel that, as one of her oldest remaining works in progress, she might pick me up again soon. Apparently I wasn’t good enough to be finished for the ball because I was the wrong colour. I try not to take that personally, but to see something finished so quickly when I was begun so long ago seems a little unfair.

I hope she wears me when I’m finished. When I was just a skein of yarn, I saw her finish a lace shawl, but as pretty as it was, I’ve never known it to be worn. I hope I don’t get put in that drawer, to wait forever for a time to be worn.

I was started last July. She gave me life from a skein of fancy yarn, and I hoped she’d finish me quickly so I could be worn and seen. Alas, it was not to be. My intricate lace detail meant she could only knit me when she could concentrate. She put me away for a while, when I was still small, but I think she finally wants to finish me now.

I’ve been taken to so many places before. Visiting her family and her boyfriend’s family, carefully put away out of the reach of dogs. Today I think, I hope, she’s going to take me to her knitting group. I’ve been several times before and the knitters there always admire my shiny, vibrant colours and intricate lace work.

Even when she puts me away for a while, she never takes my needles to use on other things. She’s done that to a lot of other projects, but never me.

I can’t wait to be finished so I can be worn. Then I’ll get to see many more places, and many more people will get to see me. Right now though, from my curled up pile in the corner of the desk, it’s all just a dream.

Serpentine Scarf

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