Finishing Things – Finding The Motivation

Whether you’re a knitter, crocheter, papercrafter, sewer, or any other type of crafter, there comes a time when you lose all inspiration to finish anything. You start a project with good intentions. Hours and hours of work later and you get another idea, or see something new you want to try. You keep working on your project thinking ‘I’ll finish soon…’ and then that idea just kind of grabs you, and you have to start it. Now you have another project to finish and even less motivation to do the others.

Most of the time this happens to me with knitting, probably because it takes so long. For example, my current knitting (and one crochet) projects:

  1. Zora SleeveZora cardigan (from Knitty) – I’ve been knitting this since November 12th 2012. Last night I finally finished the sleeves and did some sewing in of ends. However, because I had to alternate between six skeins (yes, I had to, they were all so different in shade as they were hand dyed) I have so much sewing in of ends to do that it’s quite ridiculous. I mean, this is a sleeve. I tried weaving in some as I went but it wasn’t as secure. Maybe there’s a technique I’m missing. I’ve done the back and one and a half sides. That could take some time.
  2. Socks – These are a potential present so I won’t say much, but I keep making mistakes. I took them out of hibernation only a couple of days ago, and now they’re back in it again as I realised I was missing some of the pattern round the leg. And they’re knitted toe up. They’re not even difficult!
  3. BlanketSerpentine scarf – I’ve not been knitting this for so long (started July 15th) but it’s lace and very slow going. It’s going to be amazing once it’s done though!
  4. Big stripy blanket – It’s just SO repetitive
  5. Plain black socks – Again, very repetitive – I might just give up. I started them when on a tour with band to Paris, and I’ve still only just finished the toe.
  6. Granny square blanket (crochet) – I have so many squares (but not enough). I’ve lost some and I’m trying to keep to a certain number of each colour combination and it’s all just a bit too much effort right now.
  7. ScarfLagoon scarf – I’m debating whether to frog this or not, as I’m not sure I like how the colours are going. I think a lengthwise stripe would look better. What do you think?
  8. Kaleidoscope cardigan – I’ve been knitting this for ages. It’s not difficult or even that slow at knitting up. I’ve just stopped for some reason.
  9. Probably others I’ve forgotten.


I’ve joined a knitting group recently, which helps me do some of the more boring things I don’t like to do when nothing else is going on. That helps. But still, even with the best intentions, and telling myself ‘I won’t start anything else until I’ve finished something’, I end up in this predicament. I love the satisfaction of finishing a project. And I know I can, as I’ve finished many pairs of socks, a few shawls and various other things. Yet right now, I’m really getting the urge to start a new pair of socks. Plus I should be thinking about Christmas presents.

How do you keep the motivation to finish projects, or do you just go with what your instincts say and start as many projects as you have needles and yarn for?

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