Food Friday – Cooking Fails

Everybody has cooking fails. In fact if you don’t have cooking fails, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Sometimes the fails work out for the best. Like the time I didn’t realise the type of lid had been changed on the Season-All. I expected a light sprinkle, and I got about a tablespoon full, straight into my cauliflower mix. Thankfully, that was actually about the right amount, and a light sprinkle would probably have been nowhere near enough.

Sometimes the cooking fail is really a fail. Like the time my friend thought she was using the ginger powder, and instead had cinnamon. That was a weirdly sweet meal, and not in a good way. And the cake she made that was so dry it soaked up a whole bowl of custard and was still dry. And like the time I tried cooking pasta in a creamy sauce, which split and was disgusting, and I still haven’t worked out why.

There are probably countless cooking fails I’ve made, so I won’t list them all. What are some of your amusing cooking fail stories?


One thought on “Food Friday – Cooking Fails

  1. Straight Up The Wazoo

    This is incredibly embarassing, but it definitely counts as a cooking fail.

    Picture this: Year 9 cookery. I decided to make Chinese flat pancakes and serve them with some shredded pork. Delicious. Chinese flat pancakes have 3 ingredients to them: flour, oil and water. I managed to forget to add water.

    So I’m sitting there, looking at the recipe and it’s saying it should resemble a dough around about now, but all I have is a mildly oily lump of flour. I try mixing it in a bit better, working it around with my hands, nothing – just a load more mess. I think maybe there’s not enough oil.

    Long story short, I end up pouring in over a litre of oil into this mix, only to look back at the recipe and see that I’d completely forgotten the water. 45 minutes and a ton of oil wasted.


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