Food Friday – The Hunt for a Lost Recipe

I’ve been quite silly this week. I’ve not taken any pictures of the things I’ve cooked. I’ve made carrot cake, cookies and a Chinese meal, yet haven’t got anything to show for it. So let that be a lesson to me and anyone else: take pictures of what you make, they come in handy when you have no idea what to blog about.

When I was in secondary school and still doing food technology, I remember making some sort of cheesecake/pie/dessert which involved a fair amount of lemon curd. I also remember it being called Pooh’s Pie, or Pooh’s pudding or something like that, so it must have been something to do with Winnie the Pooh, obviously. I remember making it for my grandparents, and they loved it, as did my family. The bit of paper it was written on was lost long ago, yet I really want to figure out what the recipe was, and I don’t remember it well enough to recreate it.

I’ve messaged some people who have the various Winnie the Pooh recipe books in case it came from one of them, but no luck so far. I’m hoping someone out there can tell me where I can find the recipe, or can give me some more suggestions on where to search.

Not only was it delicious, and so obviously I want to make it again, I also want to make sure that I’m not just dreaming that it happened, or that it wasn’t just a lemon meringue pie or something. I’m pretty sure neither of these things are true, but I want to make sure as I was between 11 and 14 at the time! So if anyone can help me find this lost recipe I will be truly grateful!

Edit: My mum found the recipe! It didn’t have lemon curd in, but did strongly involve lemon. It’s called ‘Pooh’s Summer Pie’. I’ll be doing a blog post on it soon!

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