Food Friday – Making Bad Food Better


Eating healthily can be difficult sometimes. You might want something cakey, or you want a fry-up, or something deep fried. It’s impossible to always completely avoid these things, so why not try making bad food better, while retaining or sometimes even improving the flavours you crave? This Food Friday at Crafterways, I’m going to give you some tips on how to do this.

First, let’s take the traditional fry-up. It usually consists of bacon, sausage, egg, tomato, onion, bread, baked beans, hash browns/chips/some form of potato fried or deep fried, and numerous other additions depending on what you like. Really bad, right? Doesn’t have to be.

  • Don’t fry anything – I know this sounds silly if you’re having a fry-up, but this actually works. Oven cook sausages and bacon on a mesh so the fat can drip off to a baking tray underneath. When it cools you’ll see how much fat you didn’t eat! Roast cherry tomatoes whole in balsamic vinegar. Roast the onion in foil. Roast the mushrooms. Have toast instead of fried bread. Put small potatoes in the oven and roast them too. All without any oil. Poach the egg. You’ll be surprised how delicious it turns out to be.
  • Make fat free cake – I proved last week with my Raspberry Marbled Drizzle Cake that you can lower calories in cake pretty easily.
  • Replace the sugar in things with golden syrup – This sounds like it should still be bad and I guess it is, but it does help. Golden syrup is much sweeter than sugar so you need less of it, so you actually end up with less calories for the same sweetness.
  • Or even better replace sugar with honey
  • Swap chocolates – Instead of eating loads of cheap chocolates, buy some really nice chocolate, maybe with some sort of flavour (I’ve just found Elizabeth Shaw’s blackberry and ginger chocolate for instance) and really enjoy it. You’ll only want a square now and then.
  • Don’t use normal batter – I’m not going to go into details here, as I’m currently fine-tuning a VERY low calorie yet flavoursome batter, but if you enjoy cooking, get inventive and see if you can think of anything.
  • Make your own pizza – It’s really quick and you can put on less cheese and more veg and it’s still delicious. I’ll do a tutorial on this soon.

There are many more ways of making bad food better. If you have a way that I haven’t listed here, please do let me know!

Look out for my next post on Monday which will be a tutorial on how to make something crafty and fun.

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