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I have an idea, and I want to gauge people’s opinions of it. When I’m knitting I sometimes want to compare techniques. For example which cast on method goes best with which cast off method. Or which left slanting decrease looks nicest with which right slanting decrease. I Google it, and I find a page that shows me both, and I figure it out from there.

Unless I’m missing something obvious, there is nowhere with a big database of techniques that show how to do a certain technique, with pictures and comparisons easily accessible. I want to make that big database.

It will basically be an online knitting journal, with pictures of real swatches, photographed instructions, links to videos, and anything else interesting that I can think of that would be useful. It would be a little like Ravelry is for yarns and patterns, but for techniques.

So I want to know whether you would find it useful? What are your thoughts? If you think you would, I’d love to know so I can get started on it soon.

One thought on “Knitting Journal

  1. Rowan123

    I think that would be a brilliant idea. Rachel from my knitting club is always Googling things and not always able to’ get it’. Of course being your mum I can also help you out!


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