The moving house saga – Part 1

At this point in time I was hoping to be moved in to our new house. As you can probably guess from the title, it hasn’t happened yet.

We moved out of our house in Southampton on Tuesday 24th of June, and now it’s Thursday 3rd July, so over a week has passed. We knew it would be a few days until we could move in, so I went to visit my parents in Bristol and Nick stayed with his in Wimborne. On Saturday I came to join him, and I’m still here.

Problem number one is that the tenants of our new house didn’t move out when they were supposed to and delayed until yesterday. Problem number two made itself apparent yesterday. Nick’s mum and I went to look at the house (Nick’s parents are the landlords). We weren’t expecting it to be perfect as Nick and I had had a previous look. We were expecting a bit of mould, a bit of required cleaning and maybe a few paint touch ups.

Upon entering the living room we immediately noticed an unpleasant, musty smell. Then we noticed the dirt,and an obvious need to redecorate. We went through tomthe kitchen, and it was obvious the oven hadn’t seen a cleaner for ages. More dirt, missing curtains, nothing too bad.the garden looked as a neglected garden could be expected to look, but that’s fine, I was planning on doing some gardening anyway.

We went upstairs and had a look at the bathroom. Black mould was all over the ceiling, around the bath, and of course there was a lot of dirt. Then there was the toilet. It was brown. It was so grimy and horrible, I have no idea how someone could have lived there and happily used it. On the landing, the loft hatch was mouldy. The back bedroom was ok, just dirt. The front bedroom was horrid. The previous tenant had obviously been smoking in there. Then there was the mould. I’ll leave it atnthat as I don’t think anything but a picture, which I’ll take next time I visit, will do it justice.

So, we’re living at Nick’s larents for probably another week. Most of my things are in storage, but luckily I have plenty of knitting to do. It’s quite hard to do any work though.

On the knitting front, I’m knitting a jumper for some money and doing a mystery knit a long, which is fun. Pictures of that can’t really happen right now for various reasons, but I’ll see what I can do soon.

Look out for part 2 and onward soon, as I plan on keeping a record here of the transformation of horrible house to lovely house.

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