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My First Craft Fair

If you’re looking for Food Friday then I’m afraid I did it on Monday. If you go here you’ll see why.

On December the 7th, I’m going to be doing my first craft fair. I’m excited, yet also a little worried because:

  1. I don’t drive. I either have to rely on people to give me a lift, or take all my stuff on the bus.
  2. It’s taking place in Bristol, and I live in Southampton now. Do I make everything here and take it all on the train? Do I try and make things at my parents’ house, when I’ll probably only have a day or so?
  3. What do I make? There’s such a wide range of options: Cakes, sweets and edible things, knitted things, sewn things, papercrafts etc. I don’t know what will sell best, and I’m imagining if I make everything it would look too unorganised.
  4. Can I afford all the initial costs? No, not really.

Although I have these worries, I know that it’s for a good cause (Macmillan Cancer Support). It’s also a good way to tell whether craft fairs are something I should be doing. The table is only £5 (although I will give more if I make enough money, as it is for charity after all!), and an old friend is running it, so it’s quite a safe way to start.

Does anyone have any tips that will help me?