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Work in Progress Wednesday 5th March

I missed this last week so I have quite a bit of progress to catch up on.

First, I finished the Crazy Square Socks for Al. I converted the Binsenkorbchen pattern to toe up, and used the crazily bright Trekking Hand Art in Brazil as well as King Cole Zig Zag in a dark red.

Al's Crazy Square Socks

I finished the first sock, and started the second, of Nick’s Gimli.Nick's Gimli

This week Sock Madness on Ravelry began. There are seven rounds, each with a pattern we don’t get to see until the challenge begins. After the first round, only those who have finished their pair of socks within two weeks get to progress. Then we get split into teams, and for the remaining rounds only the first certain number of people to finish get to progress until we’re left with one person from each team competing against each other to find the winner. I know I’m not going to be in that final round, but I thought it would be fun and worth a go. So this is my first sock so far.Sock Madness 8 Round 1 Progress

I also started February Fitted Pullover. I’m holding Wendy Roam double and I really hope I have enough. I should, just about.February Top

I began another project which was a mystery knit-a-long shawl on Ravelry. I’m really not sure I like how it’s turning out though so that’s been put to one side, at least for now.

And finally, I began some sewing. Well, to be precise I started creating a pattern for sewing. I need to buy some appropriate fabric before I actually begin the sewing part, so I have no pretty pictures to show yet.

Work in Progress Wednesdays at Tami’s Amis.

Work in Progress Wednesday 22nd January

I’ve been busy this week. Rather busy indeed.

I have very nearly finished my Zora cardigan. Finally, after nearly a year and a half since starting it, it’s all sewn up. All that’s left to do is sew in yet more ends, and block it. Yay! It’s nice to finally have this done.Zora

I’ve also finished my Irate Squirrel socks. They’re a little smaller than my usual socks but they actually fit better so I might do future socks like this.Irate Squirrel

My new yarn arrived from Solstice Yarns. It’s Tidal Sock Yarn. The purple was chosen by Nick for a pair of socks that I promised him as a late Christmas present, and the gold/brown colours I couldn’t resist buying for myself. No idea what to do with it yet, but the colours were so pretty I had to get it.Solstice Yarn

Next on my list, is to finish my Thermal, and also get Nick’s socks started. I also want to do some sewing this week but I won’t talk about that much until it’s done!

Work in Progress Wednesdays at Tami’s Amis

Work in Progress Wednesday 15th January

As anticipated, I managed to finish my Demalangeni Shawl. It’s washed, blocked and I wore it yesterday. It’s lovely and soft and warm and I love how it turned out. It’s made with Araucania Ranco.Demalangeni Finished

The socks I showed you last week for the Flora KAL on Ravelry actually got frogged. Again. I then started to think outside the box, and found the perfect pattern. I’m now almost finished on the first sock. The theme was that the pattern name or yarn name had to link somehow to dogwood, silver birch or witch hazel. I chose silver birch, for an amusing reason.

My mum told me an amusing story one day when I visited. My parents have a silver birch in their garden which is used to feed the birds. Their cat, Matt is quite content to watch the birds and not bother them. He does however have a strong hatred of squirrels. One morning, a visiting squirrel decided to try and steal some of the bird food. Matt spotted the squirrel and sat himself at the bottom of the tree. There are no other trees around that the squirrel could have escaped into, so it was stuck. If it came down, Matt was eagerly waiting for it. As the squirrel grew in confidence, it would edge down the tree to try and steal some food. Matt didn’t like this, and so made appropriate moves and noises to suggest to the squirrel that this was a very bad idea, and it should stay as far up the tree as possible. This continued until dusk, when Matt finally grew bored (or probably hungry) and decided to head inside and finally allow the squirrel to escape. No squirrels have been seen in the garden since. Here is Matt.Matt the Cat

This little story is why I chose the pattern Irate Squirrel for my January Flora Knit-a-long socks. Here is my progress. As usual, I’m using King Cole Zig Zag (I have a huge stash of it) in a conveniently squirrelly grey.Irate Squirrel

This week, inspired by my knitting group, I’ve finally picked up my Zora cardigan to try and finally finish it. So far I’ve done some seaming, but don’t really have anything to show. I’ve pretty much finished the knitting apart from the collar and front band, so it really shouldn’t take me too long now I’ve finally gotten around to it!

Work in Progress Wednesdays at Tami’s Amis

Happy New Year!

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet at Crafterways over Christmas and New Year. I hope everyone has had a lovely break.

Works in Progress

I’ve got a few things on the go that I plan on completing in the not too distant future.

The first is my Rough Weather socks from Think Outside the Sox. I thought they were suitable considering the weather we’ve been having lately! I finished the first one over Christmas and want to get the second done fairly soon. I’m using Regia sock yarn for a change. I’ve had it in my stash for a while and it’s the perfect colour for these socks.Rough Weather Sock

The second, my Thermal, hasn’t really grown much. I took it with me to knit over Christmas but didn’t take any spare yarn. This would have been fine had one ball not decided to be thinner than the other, so I had to stop and wait until I could swap it out for a real one. Not sure why that happened, but it was cheap yarn so that might explain it.

The third, and final for non-hibernating projects, is my Demalangeni Shawl. I’ve had this yarn for a while, and I finally found the perfect shawl for it. It’s Araucania Ranco which I love, and I’m hoping it turns out well. It looks it so far!Demalengeni Shawl


For Christmas, I got a ball winder and swift. I’ve wanted these for a while. I immediately set about using them on my new Exmoor Sock Yarn as it’s the only thing I had.

When I got back to my stash, I then also wound some yarn that I had previously hand wound. I love the neat cakes the ball winder creates, and they’re so much easier to knit from than hand wound balls.Caked Wool

For Christmas I also received a little tripod, so hopefully that will improve the quality of my photos here considerably!

Coming Up

This year I am setting several crafty challenges for myself. The first is to knit a pair of socks every month. A group on Ravelry has set a theme (flora) and you have to find and knit patterns that in some way relate to a particular flower. It’ll be quite a challenge, but hopefully by the end of it I’ll (and various other people) will end up with some more lovely hand knit socks.

With some of my Christmas money I bought this book on dressmaking and this is where my second challenge comes in. For several years I have attempted to teach myself, with no help from books or anything, how to make clothes. I can make simple skirts, but that’s about it. So I decided it was about time I learned how to do it properly. Hopefully in the not too distant future you’ll see works in progress and finished objects not only from knitting, but also sewing!

My final challenge is to finish things! I’m really bad at finishing anything that isn’t socks or a shawl, so my challenge is to not start too many things. I need to at least finish my Zora cardigan, and not let myself start a new one until Thermal is complete. That is going to be quite difficult seeing as I found this for half priceĀ in the John Lewis sale.Wendy Roam

It’s Wendy Roam in a lovely blue colour. I’m going to use it doubled so whichever cardigan I choose to make from it doesn’t take forever.

Have you set yourself any crafty challenges for the year? I’d love to hear about them!

Finished Object Wednesday

I’ve only been knitting my version of the Mirrored Fair Isle socks this week, and I’ve just finished them, which is why this is a Finished Object Wednesday rather than a Work in Progress Wednesday!Mirrored Fair Isle

I used the Mirrored Fair Isle stitch pattern, but that was as far as using that pattern went. I changed it to be toe up, and also to use the Fish Lips Kiss heel. It was my first time using it and I think it worked out really well. The second heel came out slightly better than the first but I think that’s to be expected when doing a technique for the first time.Fish Lips Kiss Heel

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