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I’m Becca, often known online as beccabadger. This blog will be the home for all my crafting ideas and projects. It will contain tutorials, recipes, and musings and, eventually, my knitting journal. The knitting journal will be home to all my knitting projects, opinions on yarns and patterns, various techniques both new and old, and any other knitting related thing I feel that would be useful to put on it. It won’t be a replacement for Ravelry, it’ll be more personal to me and contain everything to do with my own knitting. I’m making it public because I believe it could be a useful place for various techniques (eg. cast-offs, cast-ons, sock heel construction etc.) to be without having to search the net for each one.

My plan at the moment is to post on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays will be for any craft, and Friday will be Food Friday, for anything related to food (obviously). I’ll also be posting tutorials (either craft or recipe) regularly so keep an eye out for those.