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Notice Board Tutorial

Notice Board

Notice boards are useful, especially when renting somewhere you can’t put anything on the walls. Here’s a notice board tutorial that requires nothing fancy and is easy and simple to make.

You need:

  • A piece of fabric or paper slightly bigger than the cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Glue (PVA is good)
  • Small pegs (optional)
  1. Place the cardboard onto the back of the fabric/paper, front side down.
  2. Fold and glue the edges of the fabric/paperNotice Board Tutorial 1
  3. Cut lengths of ribbon and one by one, glue them to the board. You’ll only want to glue the back, leave the front loose.Notice Board Tutorial 2
  4. Let everything dry.Notice Board Tutorial 3
  5. You have a notice board! Either put things behind the ribbons or clip with pegs.Notice Board

Come back on Wednesday for WIP Wednesday, when I’ll have hopefully found my camera and the photo quality will increase significantly!

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