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Food Friday – Cherry Bakewell

Cherry BakewellI’ve never made a cherry bakewell until this. I’ve eaten plenty of them. Well, plenty of mass produced ones. I was feeling experimental. This tart was made with no recipe and I just kind of made it up as I went along. It worked, very well in fact!

This cherry bakewell isn’t very pretty mainly because I currently only have cake tins and am not particularly prepared for tarts!


Recipe (serves 8)


90g plain flour
45g hard butter
Pinch of salt
~20ml cold water
1 egg
25g soft butter
60g caster sugar
25g ground almonds
65g plain flour
Pinch of baking powder
1/2tsp almond extract
Splash of milk
Jam (I used cherry)
150g icing sugar
2tbsp water
Glace cherries



  1. Rub in butter and flour until the consistency of breadcrumbs.Bakewell Breadcrumbs
  2. Form into ball and leave to rest for 30 minutes.
  3. Roll out thinly and put in tin, pressing lightly into corners.Bakewell Pastry
  4. Blind bake for 15-20 minutes at gas mark 4 / 350F / 180C (take off 20 if fan assisted).


  1. Cream butter and sugar together.
  2. Gradually beat in egg.
  3. Add all other ingredients and beat until smooth.Bakewell Mix
  4. Spread jam over the base of the cooked pastry.Bakewell Jam
  5. Add the mix and smooth out the top.
  6. Cook for 20-25 minutes at gas mark 6 / 400F / 200C (take off 20 if fan assisted).Bakewell


  1. Mix icing sugar and water until a smooth paste.
  2. Spread over the top of the cool tart and add cherries to decorate.

Cherry Bakewell