Work in Progress Wednesday Sept 25th

Twisted Mosaic Sock

This week I’ve mainly been working on Twisted Mosaic from Think Outside the Sox. I’ve finished the heel and am working up the leg. I was confused at one point between the heel and the sock but I was trying to make it much more complicated than it actually was. I’m really loving the look so far, although I’m a little worried at the size, but we’ll see when I’m done. If they’re too small I know plenty of people with small feet I could give them to.

Twisted Mosaic Sock

I’ve also been working on my blanket. It’s only grown four rows, but those rows are huge! I wasn’t convinced about the colours at first, but I think I’m liking it.


I’ve also been slowly sewing in all the ends of my cardigan so I can finally block it, sew it up and knit on the collar. I’ve only got the sleeves to go!

You can also probably see that I’ve improved my photography somewhat. It’s not perfect, as I need to get another lamp and daylight bulb, but it’s a significant improvement!

Work in Progress Wednesday at Tami’s Amis.

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