Work in Progress Wednesday 20th Oct

This week I’ve been working on three things.

Nick’s Split Reed socks have grown and I’m working on the heel of the second one. It’s slow going as I’m doing it to try and mirror the spiral so am purling it rather than knitting it so the spiral goes the other way.Split Reed

I’ve also been working on Thermal, which is growing, if slowly. I’m almost finished with the main part of the body so I’m hoping it’ll look a bit more interesting next week.


Finally, is something you haven’t yet seen. A couple of years ago I started crocheting granny squares. This week I’ve finished off the last few and am working on joining them together to make a blanket. They’re all slightly different sizes which is making it awkward, and I’m not sure on any of the methods I’ve used to join them yet.Granny Squares

I was going to put a different shade of blue in between each square to make it bigger, but that’s not working so I may just have to crochet around the outside a lot.

NaKnitMo is still going well. I’m on 47,604 stitches so far. I haven’t decided what to up my goal to, but I’m pretty sure I’ll reach 50,000 by the end of today, or maybe tomorrow.

Also, I shall mention that I’ve been watching Desert Bus for Hope since Saturday. A group of people play the most boring game in existence to raise money for the Child’s Play charity. They also have lots of hand made things up for auction so go and take a look.

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