Work in Progress Wednesday 29th January

I haven’t done a great deal of crafting this week. I started Nick’s socks. Then I undid them and started again. They’re pretty slow going due to the amount of twisted cables on them. They’re looking nice so far though. I’m using the Gimli pattern (chosen by Nick) with the Solstice Yarns purple that I showed last week.Gimli Socks

As something a little simpler for when I’m not feeling like following exact directions, I’ve finally started the socks for Al that I promised her in October. She likes bright colours so I thought it was time I used my Trekking Hand Painted in the Brazil colourway that I’ve had for a while. I mixed it with King Cole Zig Zag in a dark red to make them suitably contrasting. I’m using the Bisenkörbchen pattern, with the Fish Lips Kiss heel and I’ve swapped them to be toe up. It’s my first time doing mosaic knitting like this and I like how it’s working.Bisenkorbchen

I’ve knitted a few rows on my Thermal sleeves, but that’s about it.

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