Work in Progress Wednesday 8th January

I have a few things to show this Work in Progress Wednesday as I’ve been knitting quite a bit this week, especially Sunday when I allowed myself a day of knitting. During that day I finished my Rough Weather socks. I hadn’t even reached the heel at the start of the day so I think I did pretty well.

Rough Weather

The rest of the time I knitted my Demalangeni shawl, which is taking shape rather nicely. I love the stitch pattern, and also the colour which is odd since I’m not usually a great lover of brown. I’m hoping to get it finished before next week.Demalangeni Shawl

I’ve also started (about five times because I couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted) my first pair of socks for the flora knit a long on Ravelry. The theme is either dogwood, silver birch or witch hazel. Initially I wanted to make the pattern bare bark in a silver birch colour, but the few yarns I found that┬áhave been perfect were either too expensive or impossible to find. So, I’m actually knitting Branching Out with a grey background and red branches, which reminded me of the red dogwood.Branching Out Socks


I haven’t started any sewing yet, so nothing to show on that front I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll have something by next week.

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