Work in Progress Wednesday 9th Oct

I haven’t actually got a lot to show this week, which is odd because I’ve spent quite a bit of time knitting.

First, I’m trying to make a beret without a pattern. So far it looks like this:Beret

I did finish it, but it was too small so I had to rip back to before the decreases and go again from there. It’s made from Natural Dye Studio Blue Faced Leicester, which is gorgeous.

Second, are the bed socks for my grandma. I’m using Erika Knight Vintage Wool and it’s so soft. I’m improvising the pattern, just working a simple lace on the front for some interest. Most of the purple I did when at knitting group on Monday.Grandma's Bed Socks

I’ve also done a few more rows on my blanket, but it’s not worth yet another picture of that.

Mainly, I’ve been cooking. I’ve made mint fudge, cookies and carrot cake.

Work in Progress Wednesday at Tami’s Amis.

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