Dating Profile – 5KCBWDAY2

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Day Two (Tuesday 13th May): Dating Profile. (5KCBWDAY2)
Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects

Half Hour to Spring Shawl

Name: I’m Half Hour to Spring.
Age: Just under 1 year. (I was begun on 15th June 2012 and finished about a year after on 8th June 2013)

Physical Description: I’m a lace shawl, made with a silk, cashmere and alpaca laceweight yarn called Lace Cashsilk 1200 by Tri’Coterie. I’m a pale blue with subtle stripes of lilac and mint. I’m soft, light and nearly weightless. It’s very hard to tell, but my delicate lace pattern is not entirely flawless as I was one of the first lace projects made by my creator. I don’t let this bother me as it’s pretty hard to spot.

Interests: I love pretty dresses and fancy clothes. I would love to be worn to summer tea parties, keeping the chill off my owner’s shoulders during the cool evenings.

Things I Hate: I hate anything that could catch on me. Nails, rough wood, velcro and buckles are all my enemies.

Currently I haven’t been out much. Most of my time is spent folded carefully in a drawer, awaiting the right moment to be worn. I hope that this summer I will get my wish to go to at least one tea party, and be worn on various occasions. I hope that in the future my owner will continue to look after me as well as she does now, although I do hope to be able to get out more.

You can find a little more about me here on Ravelry.

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