Homemade Christmas Wreath

I’m trying to do Christmas cheaply this year, so I decided to make a homemade Christmas Wreath. It was quick to make and cost about £4.

I visited a pound shop and found a glittery garland and some glittery pine-cones. I then visited a local shop and bought some florestry wire and some ribbon. The main bulk of the wreath I got from the garden. Overflowing the fence from the lane behind the house is a huge ivy bush. Some of it has berries on, so I cut off a few nice looking branches. I couldn’t find any holly so stuck with the ivy.

First, I wired some lengths of ivy/holly together, overlapping enough to make it sturdy.

Christmas Wreath

I then twisted it into a circle and wired the ends together, again overlapping enough to make it sturdy. I wound in the garland and added the pine cones. They were on sticks so I could just wire them right in. I made a big bow and wired that on, making a loop at the back to hang the wreath.

Christmas Wreath


It looks a little uneven but not bad for a first attempt, and it looks better in person.

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