It’s that time of year again. While lots of people are taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, where they try to write 50,000 words), some of us over on Ravelry are taking part in NaKnitMo (National Knitting Month) We set our own goals (usually 30,000 stitches or more). This year my goal is 30,000 (although I managed about 75,000 last year, but I have a job now…) although I’ll probably end up knitting more, as my secondary goal is to knit this. The yarn is on its way and I’m hoping that it’ll arrive today, but if not on Monday when I’m actually here to receive it.

Since my last post I’ve knitted a lot. I shall update with that soon, when the final scarf has finished blocking. I’m also testing a pattern I’ve designed, and starting two others.

In non-knitting news I’ve managed to create the perfect recipe for the base of gravy and soups, have made quince jelly, picked a LOT of blackberries and bought lots of bulbs to plant in the garden when I get round to it. I also got a job as well as my web design stuff.

In amongst all that, I shall attempt to get, and keep, everything up to date around here.


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