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The moving house saga – Part 2

A lot of progress has been made on the house over the past few¬†weeks, and now we’re almost ready to move in. Even once we have moved in, the job isn’t finished. I want to change the door handles, reupholster the sofas and armchair and paint the shelving so it all looks like it actually matches. There’s also the garden, which needs a lot of work. But that’s for the future. For now, here is the house so far. (I should mention that the photos were all quickly taken with my phone mid work, so they’re not the best, sorry).

One of the first things we tackled in the house was mould. Then we cleaned everything (it was disgusting), took up the carpets, sanded everything, and repainted everything, then had the new carpets fitted last Wednesday. It looks and smells so much fresher now. Today the kitchen appliances arrived and by next weekend we hope to be moving in. I should also mention that it now smells significantly better!

The front bedroom, which will be the office, was the first area we tackled. We turned thisFront Bedroom Before

into this.Front bedroom after

The back bedroom came next. It started like thisBack bedroom before

and currently looks like this.Back bedroom after

The living room has also greatly improved. It did look like thisLiving room before

but now looks like this.Living room after

We had some help along the way from this friendly cat, that lives next door but seems to love our overgrown garden.Friendly cat

The bathroom and kitchen aren’t yet ready for a finished picture, but that will come very soon. This afternoon we get to buy some of the smaller things for the house. It’s very exciting to finally be at a point where we can move in. I can’t wait to get started with modifying all the furniture so it fits with the colour schemes. The windows will eventually be replaced too, but we have to wait a while for the builders to be able to do that.