Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve decided to add Crafterways to the list of blogs taking part in ‘Work in Progress Wednesday’ as it might keep me a bit more accountable for the projects I have in progress, and show me that projects are progressing, even if it doesn’t feel like it!

Since the last post, I’ve given up on the gift socks for now and put them back into hibernation. I’ve also been boringly sewing in all the ends on my cardigan. However there is now a new pair of socks that I’m knitting! I wanted to give cables a go, and mosaic knitting, so why not combine them and make socks?

Here is the beginning of my Twisted Mosaic socks from Think Outside the Sox and made with King Cole Zig Zag 762 and 751. I started them at my knitting group on Monday, however had to frog what I did because the needles were slightly too large. So I started again with smaller needles and I’m really loving the result!

Work in Progress Wednesday Mosaic Sock


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    1. beccabadger Post author

      It is! I was expecting to find it complicated, but once into the rhythm it goes fairly quickly and easily.


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