Work in Progress Wednesday 04th Dec

My first blog post in December, and there shall be no mention of Christmas at all. Apart from now, I guess.

This week, I’ve done a little more on my (sort of) Mirrored Fair Isle Socks.Mirrored Fair Isle

I have also finished the body of my Thermal and am on to the sleeves. I’m trying them two at a time. I started with a longer cable but everything kept getting tangled. I’ve moved to a shorter one and they’re going much better.Thermal Sleeves Thermal

I am probably going to knit a lot in the next few days (although I probably shouldn’t be) as the boiler has decided to break and won’t be fixed until at least Friday, and I have a horrible feeling it’ll be later than that.

I finished NaKnitMo with just over 70,000 stitches, so that was definitely a productive month!

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