Work in Progress Wednesday 12th February

This week I haven’t done a huge amount of knitting again. I’ve had work to do, and we’ve done more other stuff. For instance we went to the coast on Saturday (yes, I know Southampton is the coast, but I mean the real coast with cliffs and sea and beaches and things) which was crazy. I’ll get some pics up when I can.

Sorry about picture quality. It’s so dark and dreary that none of the lights are helping so I had to use the flash which washed everything out a bit.

I’ve done a bit more on Nick’s sock.Gimli Sock

I’ve finished the first of Al’s crazy square socks.Crazy Square Socks

And I’ve started this month’s Flora KAL sock. The link is considerably less interesting than last time. The flower is the snowdrop, and I’m using the pattern Snowdrop Socks. I am as usual changing the toe and heel to suit my preferences.Snowdrop Socks


I still haven’t started any dressmaking, for several reasons. I need to tidy my desk, I need to obtain fabric, and I’m trying to work out patterns.

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