Work In Progress Wednesday 13th Nov

I’ve only been working on two things this week. Nick’s Split Reed socks:Work In Progress Wednesday

And Thermal, which I won’t post yet another picture of as it’s not really grown much since last week.

As the first sock came out with a kind of spiral going down it, I’m knitting the second sock in the right way (purling) rather than inside out, which is how I usually knit in the round (as explained below). I had to unpick quite a few rows as I got the tension wrong, but I think I’m on track now.

I did find out this week that the way I knit in the round is ‘wrong’. I knit inside out, with the work close to me and the needles I’m working with furthest away. I know it’s considered wrong, but it’s how I do it, and I haven’t had a problem yet.

NaKnitMo is going well. I’ve upped my goal to 50,000 stitches, of which, as of yesterday, I have completed 29,296. I’m considering upping my goal again to 75,000 but that depends on how well the next few days go as I’ve haven’t done so much in the last few days.

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4 thoughts on “Work In Progress Wednesday 13th Nov

  1. Mary Jo

    the socks look fine to me. there are lots of different styles of knitting and as long as you are happy with your knits your style of knitting is not wrong ; )

    1. beccabadger Post author

      Thanks! It’s King Cole Zig Zag in the Granite colourway. I have it in all sorts of colours. It wears extremely well and is lovely to knit with.


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