Work in Progress Wednesday 27th Oct

I’ve done lots of knitting this week so plenty to show for Work in Progress Wednesday as I’ve been watching Desert Bus, and also working on NaKnitMo. As of yesterday I’ve knitted 69,300 stitches so I’m definitely on goal to hit my 70,000 target, probably by the end of today!

This week I finished Nick’s Split Reed socks. They aren’t quite as matching as I was hoping for, but they’re close, and he’s happy which is the main thing.Split Reed

I’ve also reached the shaping on my Thermal. It feels so warm while I’m knitting it so I can’t wait to wear it.Thermal

And I’ve started another pair of socks. I wanted to start my gloves, but I realised I don’t have DPNs in the right size and magic loop would annoy me on the fingers. So more socks. This time for me. I’m trying Mirrored Fair Isle again, but with a completely different construction. I’m doing them toe up so I can try on as I go, and I’m also changing the heel to try out the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I’ll do a review about that when I’ve used it, but so far even the rest of the information in the pattern is incredibly useful.Mirrored Fair Isle

I haven’t done any more on my crochet blanket because I can’t work out how to put it together. I’ve tried several methods. Each square is meant to be the same size, but I think I messed up my tension or something so they aren’t. I may have to re-crochet some to make them fit better.

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