Work in Progress Wednesday 2nd Oct

My computer hates me today, hence the lateness of this post. Anyhow, on with Work in Progress Wednesday.

I finished the first Twisted Mosaic sock from Think Outside the Sox. I think my gauge may have been off as it’s tiny! It’s going into hibernation until I find someone with small enough feet for it to fit.

Work in Progress Wednesday Sock

I’ve done a few more rows of my blanket, so it’s got an extra green, brown and half blue stripe.WIP Wednesday Blanket

And I finished a pattern repeat on my Serpentine scarf while I was at knitting club.WIP Wednesday Scarf

Next week I should have some new socks to show you as my grandma has requested bed socks. I’m going to Bristol soon so I’ll buy some lovely British wool for them while I’m there, as there is a complete lack of good/any yarn shops around here.

Work in Progress Wednesday at Tami’s Amis

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